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Cash Rebate Rewards


Cash Rebate Rewards
HONG KONG CUFFLINKS offer Summer Bonus for you.Just one-off spending to a specific amount, can be as high as 17% cash rebate! Spending more, the more the rebate amount can be! Cash rebates should be calculated to the net price order, and would be sent to your e-mail in the form of E-voucher within one week after the successful transaction. If you have any enquiry about the method of exchanging the E-voucher,
please visit to the following website: 。


For the calculation of the cash rebate, please refer to the following examples:

Rebate %
 Under $150
 Over $1000

Cash Rebate Rewards Terms and Conditions

1. Cash rebates can only be used in the form of electronic money in this shop, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
2. E-voucher is just valid for 2 months, it's invalid when it's overdue.
3. If the transaction is cancelled or refunded, the cash rebate will be cancelled.
4. The right of getting the E-voucher is determined by the shop. If there are any disputes, the shop reserves the final decision.
5. The shop reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, to change or terminate the Rewards without further notice.